Who am I?

My name is Albert Garcia belerda, I was born in Terrassa, Spain.
I have always been a fan of all types of video games, but as I grew up I realized I also loved developing them.
I would like to work for a professional company to be a part of the ever-growing video game industry so I can be able to deliver to other people the same experiences I have been enjoying all my life.

I have worked as a programmer or lead in some games or projects done for academic purposes or purely for fun, and I expect to keep working on similar projects so I can keep improving my code and share more amazing experiences with other people.



Conquerors Crown-New-Horizon

Forest Dash

Pinball Dreams Tribute

Unemployed truck driver simulator

Samurai Shodown Neo-Geo Tribute


Procedural Dungeon Generation

Group movement patterns in RTS

Physics engine + autoaim

Current Projects:

Contact me:

GitHub: Ap011y0n

LinkedIn: Albert Garcia

Email: albert.garcia.belerda@gmail.com